Bobby Franklin

About the author

Bobby Franklin has been an educator for over forty years in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. He has always used humor as part of his instructional delivery to make his classes interesting. He has combined his experiences growing up in rural Mississippi with his love of humor to describe the lives of rural folk in a simpler time to make for a delightful and entertaining read.

Bobby is an Associate Professor at Mississippi College where he teaches educational research. In addition to teaching, he is a professional Santa and beekeeper. He is married to Nelda Allbritton the inspiration for his book.

About the book

The story is set in rural Louisiana and describes the antics of young boys growing up in the South where family, hard work and a belief in God are important. It is comical by nature as it describes their attempts at relieving the drudgery and boredom times faced while growing up. The story follows the life of the Britton family in Catahoula Parish and their interactions with neighbors and friends. The main character of the story is the Village of Fort Beauregard told through the eyes of Snooks Britton and his brother Lil’Ray. The area is rural and poor so not only do the people work to make a living; they work hard to entertain themselves. Some of these attempts backfire creating laughable situations that make for good yarns at social gatherings.

Clarion Review: "Catahoula is a humorous coming-of-age story that reminisces on a community's past."

Blueink Review: "Catahoula is an amusing read for those who remember their childhoods fondly and long for the good old days."

Kirkus Review: "The book . . . allows Franklin to provide clear snapshots of rural Southern life in the second half of the 20th century."

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The drive to their cabin snaked up the side of the hill and came out right in front of the First Methodist Church, which sat on the other side of the state road that ran through town.

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